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Graduates have the ability to assist primary researchers in conducting research related to socio-cultural and environmental issues, both for academic and applied purposes, collecting data, making field notes, analyzing data, writing research reports, publishing research findings in scientific journals and popular writings

Project officer in planned socio-cultural change programs

Graduates are able to analyze the potential and socio-cultural constraints for the implementation of the planned social change program. In addition, being able to utilize the potential and eliminate obstacles to the success of the socio-cultural change program as planned.


Graduates are able to distinguish between human rights and cultural rights that deserve to be preserved and are able to protect and preserve local wisdom.


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Mata Kuliah Wajib Prodi*


Mata Kuliah Pilihan Prodi

DomainExpected Learning OutcomeGenericSpesificAspects of Competency
Attitude Demonstrate moral and ethical responsibility, self-confidence, independence, as well as an entrepreneurial ethos to improve self-capacity based on maritime culture (lifelong learning).V Basic knowledge
Recognize the diversity of culture, ethnicity, race, religion, and the opinions of others/other people’s findings.V 
KnowledgeRecognize the basic concepts, theories, and methods of anthropological research.V 
Recognize the difference between human rights and cultural rights that deserves to be preserved.V 
Generic skillsImplement the responsibility and professionality in terms of independent work and work as a team VManagerial competencies 
Implement the ability to adapt to the work environment while upholding academic and profession ethics in carrying out their work. V
Spesific SkillsImplement the anthropological concepts and theories in explaining socio-cultural phenomena in the context of the maritime continent. VCapability in work field
Support the main researcher in the process of collecting data, making field notes, analyzing data, writing research reports, and publishing research results in journals and popular writings. V
Demonstrate socio-cultural potential in order to eliminate socio-cultural obstacles for the success of community development programs. V
Execute tasks professionally related to the protection and preservation of local wisdom as a cultural right of the community. V

Departemen Antropologi

Mari Bergabung Bersama Universitas Hasanuddin

Program Sarjana Antropologi membuka kesempatan kepada seluruh siswa/i lulusan SMA/SMK/MA/sederajat dari seluruh rumpun ilmu (IPA/IPS/lainnya)* yang telah menyelesaikan studi di sekolahnya.

*Syarat dan Ketentuan berlaku.
Silahkan mengakses situs PMB untuk melihat persyaratan terkini.

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